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TSHD-01: Cartoon Roots (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
Available now! Out of history's mists come cartoon pioneers' earliest hits—the "roots" of animation's Golden Age! Dive into rare works by Max Fleischer, Earl Hurd, Paul Terry, and Walter Lantz; sample the best of Col. Heeza Liar, Krazy Kat, Koko the Clown and more. Meet Binko the Cub, first creation of Bob McKimson and Preston Blair, in a long-lost short from the Romer Grey Studio—making its worldwide home theatre debut! All shorts are remastered in sparkling HD; many feature new scores by celebrated composers Robert Israel and Ben Model.
Lightning Sketches (Blackton, 1907): J. Stuart Blackton, one of the earliest screen cartoonists, draws some ethnic caricatures and an animated bottle of wine.
Cartoons On Tour (Raoul Barre, 1915) A live-action love dramedy bookends short cartoon travel-tales with Silas Bunkum, the Kelly Kids, and henpecked Mr. Hicks.
Col. Heeza Liar, Detective (Bray/Vernon Stallings, 1923) Heeza Liar is sent out to bring back a stolen chicken alive. Our hero vows he'll never fail—but the bird's goose is already cooked.
Bobby Bumps Starts to School (Bray/Earl Hurd, 1917) Mischievous schoolboy Bobby disobeys his teacher and swings on a dangerous giant school bell. But only the teacher ends up in danger.
Out of the Inkwell: The Circus (Bray/Max Fleischer, 1920) Koko the Clown tries to train Napoleon the circus horse, but this old nag just ain't what he used to be. In fact, he's such a disgrace that he can't even die—horse heaven won't let him in.
The Jolly Rounders (Paul Terry, 1923) Mrs. Hippo disowns her husband when he comes home drunk in the wee morning hours. Rather than beg forgiveness, Mr. Hippo tries to make his wife jealous... uh-oh!
Mutt and Jeff in Fireman, Save My Child (Dick Huemer, 1919) Firemen Mutt and Jeff are called to a burning hotel, where Mutt must rescue a rich lady's "baby" while avoiding a monster dog.
Jerry On the Job in The Bomb Idea (Bray, 1920) Railroad porter Jerry and his boss, Mr. Givney, get a premature Red Scare when a strange visitor seems to be carrying a Bolshevik bomb.
Felix Comes Back (Otto Messmer, 1922) Felix is the bane of the butcher's life, being fond of sausage. The butcher fixes up an ingenious trap in which he catches Felix and thinks he has effectually disposed of him...
Farmer Al Falfa in Springtime (Paul Terry, 1923) Farmer Al Falfa flirts with cute girls at the beach. Bad news: the ladies like tan, bow-legged, knock-kneed men, and Farmer Al is none of these things. Badder news: Al's cat thinks he can change this.
Krazy Kat in Scents and Nonsense (Winkler/Bill Nolan, 1926) Krazy Kat tries to help a furrier catch animals to skin. You can't go wrong with a flabby hog and a stinky skunk... or can you?
Dinky Doodle in Lost and Found (Walter Lantz, 1926) When a thuggish—but strangely polite—kidnapper pursues a beautiful damsel, cartoon director Walter Lantz personally intervenes in the chase.
Binko the Cub in Hot-Toe Mollie (Romer Grey, 1930) In this rare, originally unreleased short, Binko meets slinky moggy Mollie at a Tex-Mex saloon where anything goes!
Toby the Pup in The Milkman (Winkler/Dick Huemer, 1930) After delivering his day's supply of watered milk, the inimitable Toby gets flirting at a wild hoedown.
The Farmerette (Van Beuren, 1932) All the animals on Farmer Goat's farm are lazy and unproductive until a visiting flapper introduces them to jazz.
A joint venture with Thunderbean Animation, sold online exclusively through Amazon.


TS-12: Bobby Bumps
A collection of lost and forgotten animated cartoons starring Earl Hurd's groundbreaking star!
Includes: Bobby Bumps On His Goatmobile (1916), Bobby Bumps Gets a Substitute (1916), Bobby Bumps Starts a Lodge (1916), Bobby Bumps Before and After (1918), Bobby Bumps Puts a Beanery On the Bum (1918), Bobby Bumps' Hypnotic Eye (1919)

TS-09: Bray Rarities Vol. 1
A sampling of forgotten cartoons from the first studio to mass-produce animation!
Includes: The Artist's Dream (1913-first Bray cartoon), Colonel Heeza Liar At the Bat (1916), The Police Dog On the Wire (1916), Farmer Alfalfa's Revenge (1916), Judge Rummy in Turn To the Right Leg (1920-poor quality print), Pete the Pup in Jungle Belles (1927-featuring live appearance by Walter Lantz)

TS-25: Bray Rarities Vol. 2
Walter Hoban's Jerry on the Job came to Bray cartoons courtesy of a crew that included Walter Lantz (Woody Woodpecker)! Wallace Carlson's Dreamy Dud starred in "Us Fellers," another popular Bray series.
Includes: Jerry on the Job in A Thrilling Drill (1920), Swinging His Vacation (1920), The Mad Locomotive (1922), and Without Coal (1920); Us Fellers in Dud the Circus Performer (1919), Dud the Lion Tamer (1920), A Chip Off the Old Block (1919), and Dud Leaves Home (1919)

TS-26: Bray Rarities Vol. 3
Classic comics characters brought to the screen!
Includes: Happy Hooligan in Tale of a Kangaroo (1922) and Getting the Goods (1922-short fragment); Judge Rummy in Turn to the Right Leg (1920), Fish Story (1920), Joy Ride (1922), and His Country Cousin (1920)

TS-24: Dinky Doodle and Friends
Walter Lantz's smash-hit silent era series!
Includes: Dinky Doodle in Little Red Riding Hood (1925) and The House That Dinky Built (1925); Pete the Pup in For the Love O' Pete (1926), The Lunch Hound (1927), and Jungle Belles (1927); Unnatural History The Tail of the Monkey (1927)

TS-14: Krazy Kat
Featuring George Herriman's famous Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse!
Includes: Krazy Kat Goes A-Wooing (1916), Krazy Kat Bugologist (1916), Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse At the Circus (1916), A Family Affair (1920), The Hinges On the Barroom Door (1920), The Great Cheese Robbery (1920)

Complete Bray Set: $115 (Save $15)


TS-13: Koko Song Cartunes
Sound Cartoons Made Before Disney's Steamboat Willie (1928)!
Includes: In the Good Old Summertime (1924), My Old Kentucky Home (1926), Margie (1926), Tramp Tramp Tramp (1926), Tramp Tramp Tramp (1926-alternate version), Sweet Adeline (1926)

TS-10: Out of the Inkwell Vol. 1
Max Fleischer and his clown are featured in these awesome films combinng live action and animation.
Includes: Circus (1920), Perpetual Motion (1920), Modeling (1921), Bubbles (1922), The Challenge (1922), The Reunion (1922), Payday (1922), The Puzzle (1923), Bedtime (1923), The Contest (1923)

TS-11: Out of the Inkwell Vol. 2
Includes: Fortune Teller (1923), Shadows (1923), Vaudeville (1924), Vacation (1924), The Cure (1924), Sparring Partner (1924), Koko in 1999 (1927), Cartoon Factory (1924), Koko in Toyland (1925), The Storm (1925)

TS-31: Out of the Inkwell Vol. 3
Includes: The Show (1922), Payday (1922), Flies (1922), Koko's Queen (1926), The Fadeaway (1926), Koko the Kid (1927), Koko Hops Off (1927), Koko Makes 'Em Laugh (1927), Koko's Courtship (1928)

TS-32: Out of the Inkwell Vol. 4
Includes: The Tantalizing Fly (1919), The Clown's Little Brother (1920), Ouija Board (1920), Koko Chops Suey (1927), Koko's Hot Ink (1929), Koko's Haunted House (1928), Koko's Earth Control (1927), Koko's Big Sale (1929), Koko the Kop (1927)

Complete Fleischer Set: $85 (Save $15)


TS-33: Mutt and Jeff Vol. 1
Bud Fisher's famous tall and short pals are always in trouble.
Includes: Ups and Downs (1926), Accidents Won't Happen (1926), Soda Clerks (1925), Slick Sleuths (1926-rarely seen b/w original version), Mixing in Mexico (1925), Playing With Fire (1925), Oceans of Trouble (1925), "Lots" of Water (1925), Slick Sleuths (1930s-color remake). Bonus: home movie clips reel (thanks to Jerry Beck for some sources)

TS-40: Mutt and Jeff Vol. 2
Includes: Cramps (1916), A Kick for Cinderella (1926), Invisible Revenge (1925), Mummy O' Mine (1926-retitled print), Globe Trotters (1926-excerpt), Westward Whoa (1926-rarely seen b/w original version, retitled print), Aroma of the South Seas (1926 with 1930s soundtrack), Aroma of the South Seas (1930s-color remake, silent print)

Complete Mutt and Jeff Set: $30 (Save $10)


TS-15: Sullivan/Messmer Vol. 1
Includes: Feline Follies (1919), Felix in the Swim (1922), Felix in the Bone Age (1922), Felix Out of Luck (1924), Felix Finds Out (1924), One Good Turn (1929), April Maze (1930), Tee Time (1930)

TS-16: Sullivan/Messmer Vol. 2
Includes: Felix Strikes it Rich (1923), Felix Turns the Tide (1922), Felix 'Hyps' the Hippo (1924), Felix Goes West (1923), Felix Gets the Can (1925), Astronomeows (1928), Felix the Cat Woos Whoopee (1930), Sculls and Skulls (1930)

TS-17: Sullivan/Messmer Vol. 3
Includes: Felix Tries for Treasure (1923), Felix in Hollywood (1923), Felix Doubles for Darwin (1924), Felix All Puzzled (1925-shortened version), Felix Monkeys With Magic (1925), Felix Dopes It Out (1925), Romeeow (1929), Hootchy Kootchy Parlais Vous (1930-shortened version)

TS-39: Sullivan/Messmer Vol. 4
Includes: Felix Revolts (1923), Felix Gets Broadcasted (1923), Felix in Fairyland (1923), Felix Finds 'Em Fickle (1924-shortened version), Felix Brings Home the Bacon (1924-shortened version), Felix Follows the Swallows (1925-shortened version), Felix the Cat Dines and Pines (1927)

Complete Sullivan/Messmer Set $65 (Save $15)


TS-19: Aesop's Fables Vol. 1
Wild animal tales featuring fiendish cats, gun-toting rats and outrageous jungle beasts!
Includes: Amateur Night On the Ark (1923), Wild West (1924), Sharpshooter (1924), China Doll (1926), Knight Out (1926), Sunny Italy (1926), Short Vacation (1927), Stars of the Circus (1927)

TS-42: Aesop's Fables Vol. 2
Includes: The Rooster and the Eagle (1921), Monkey Business (1924), The Adventures of Adenoid (1925), Hitting the Rails (1926), Wicked City (1926), Pirates Bold (1926), The High Seas (1927), A Lad and His Lamp (1929)

TS-05: Farmer Alfalfa Vol. 1
Everyone's favorite "Farmer Gray" in silent classics!
Includes: Two of a Trade (1922), Smart Salesman (1923), In Dutch (1925), Why Argue? (1926), Windjammers (1926), Through Thick and Thin (1926), Where Friendship Ceases (1926), Static (1928), Wooden Money (1929), Snapping the Whip (1929)

TS-06: Farmer Alfalfa Vol. 2
Includes: Farmer Alfalfa's Wayward Pup (1917), Donkey Tricks (c. 1922-retitled from uncertain original), The Bad Bandit (1923-Spanish titles), She's In Again (1924), Picnic (1925), Over the Plate (1925), Watered Stock (1926), Small Town Sheriff (1927), The Water Cure (1929), In the Bag (1929)

TS-20: Farmer Alfalfa Vol. 3
Includes: Farmer Alfalfa's Revenge (1916), Custard Pies (1929), Summertime (1929), Tuning In (1929), The Barnyard Melody (1929), Ship Ahoy (1930), The Iron Man (1930), Holland Days (1934), Why Mules Leave Home (1934)

TS-34: Farmer Alfalfa Vol. 4
Includes: Cracked Ice (1927), The Huntsman (1928), Medicine Man (1927), Mouse's Bride (1928), Monkey Business (1920s-retitled from uncertain original), Coast to Coast (1928), Sunday On the Farm (1928), Buck Fever (1926)

TS-35: Farmer Alfalfa Vol. 5
Includes: Short Circuit (1928), Wedding Bells (1920s-retitled from uncertain original), The Cat and the Magnet (1924), One Hard Pull (1923), On the Air (1920s-retitled from uncertain original), A Cat's Life (1920s-retitled from uncertain original), Magic Boots (1920s-retitled from uncertain original), Chemistry Lesson (1922)

TS-36: Farmer Alfalfa Vol. 6
Includes: A Day at the Park (1920s-retitled from uncertain original), Wonders of the Deep (1920s-retitled from uncertain original), Closer Than a Brother (1925), Window Washers (1925), The Ugly Duckling (1925), Canadian Capers (1931), The Owl and the Pussycat (1934), Old Dog Tray (1935-silent version)

TS-41: Farmer Alfalfa Vol. 7
Includes: The Alley Cat (1923-Farmer Al encounters the cat KKK in his nightmares!), The African Huntsman (1924), The Jealous Fisherman (1925), Runaway Balloon (1925), Up In the Air (1926), Red Hot Sands (1927), Flying Hooves (1928), The Mechanical Cow (1937)

Complete Paul Terry Set: $165 (Save $15)


TS-01: Disney's Laugh-O-Grams
Walt Disney's pioneering series!
Includes: Newman's Laugh-o-Gram (1921), Four Musicians of Bremen (1922), Cinderella (1922), Little Red Riding Hood (1921), Puss in Boots (1922). Bonus: Clara Cleans Her Teeth (1926-early Disney educational short)

TS-02: Disney's Alice Comedies Vol. 1
Rare cartoons from 1923-1924!
Includes: Alice's Wonderland (pilot, 1923), Alice's Day at Sea (1924), Alice's Spooky Adventure (1924), Alice's Wild West Show (1924), Alice's Fishy Story (1924), Alice and the Dog Catcher (1924), Alice the Peacemaker (1924), Alice Gets in Dutch (1924), Alice the Piper (1924), Alice and The Three Bears (1924-titleless print)

TS-07: Disney's Alice Comedies Vol. 2
More classic Alice Comedies from 1924-1925!
Includes: Alice Hunting in Africa (1924), Alice Cans the Cannibals (1925), Alice the Toreador (1925), Alice Gets Stung (1925), Alice Solves the Puzzle (1925-commonly seen edit), Alice's Egg Plant (1925), Alice Loses Out (1925), Alice Gets Stage Struck (1925), Alice Wins the Derby (1925), Alice Picks the Champ (1925)

TS-08: Disney's Alice Comedies Vol. 3
Includes: Alice's Tin Pony (1925), Alice's Orphan (1926), Alice Rattled by Rats (1925), Alice's Balloon Race (1926), Alice's Mysterious Mystery! (1926), Alice the Whaler (1927-original silent version), Alice's Circus Daze (1927), Alice the Jailbird (1925), Alice on the Farm (1925)

TS-43: Disney's Alice Comedies Vol. 4
More silent classics from Walt Disney!
Includes: Alice's Tin Pony (1925-rare sound version), Alice's Tin Pony (1925-home movie version), Alice Chops the Suey (1925), Alice in the Jungle (1925), Alice in the Wooly West (1926), Alice's Little Parade (1926), Alice the Whaler (1927-rare sound version)

TS-03: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Hard-to-find Disney and Winkler classics from 1927-1928.
Includes: Trolley Troubles (1927), Oh Teacher! (1927), Great Guns (1927), The Mechanical Cow (1927), The Ocean Hop (1927), Rival Romeos (1928), Bright Lights (1928-damaged print), Oh, What a Knight (1928), The Fox Chase (1928), Yanky Clippers (1928-Winkler)

Complete Disney Set: $105 (Save $15)


TS-21: Bonzo Dog
Nearly forgotten British cartoons by Studdy. (No music.)
Includes: Bonzo (1924), Tally-Ho Bonzo (1925), Aladdin Bonzo (1925), Sandy McBonzo (1925), Bonzo the Traveller (1925), Polar Bonzo (1925), Bonzo in the Army (1925-retitled print), Dog Gone (1925-both original and retitled home movie versions)

TS-29: The Magic Lantern
1960s documentary on early optical toys and a brief history of animation.
Also includes: Cartoon Craft (1936), a documentary short showing the Disney studio working on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).

TS-30: Winsor McCay Sampler
Includes: Little Nemo (1911), Gertie the Dinosaur (1914), The Sinking of the Lusitania (1917), and all three Dream of the Rarebit Fiend cartoons: The Flying House, Bug Vaudeville, and The Pet (all 1921-Rialto)

Complete Silent Special Set $45 (Save $15)


TS-04: Rare Silent Cartoons Vol. 1
Classics available nowhere else!
Includes: Tad Dorgan's Indoor Sports (1920) and Kat in Chinatown (1920s-original title uncertain); Life Cartoon Comedies Local Talent (1927) and Red Hot Rails (1926); Happy Hooligan in Tale of a Kangaroo (1922-Bray); Left Behind (1925), Goldilocks and the Three Bears (1929), Snap the Gingerbread Man in The Witch's Cat (1929-Kinex), Chip the Wooden Man in The Land of Whiz (1929-Kinex)

TS-27: Rare Silent Cartoons Vol. 2
Includes: Keeping Up With the Joneses: Men's Styles and Women's Styles (both 1915-Gaumont); Never Again! "The Story of a Speeder Cop" (1916-IFS); Mr. Nobody Holme in He Buys a Jitney (1916-IFS); AWOL (All Wrong Old Laddybuck (ca. 1919); the Katzenjammer Kids in Policy and Pie (1918-IFS); Kartoon Komics: Professor Bonehead is Shipwrecked (1916-Mutual); Billy Bletcher in The Fresh Lobster (1948-retro silent-style comedy with animation); Phable of the Phat Woman (1916-IFS)

TS-28: Rare Silent Cartoons Vol. 3
Includes: Tommy Tucker's Tooth (1922-Disney); Animated Grouch Chaser: Cartoons in a Seminary and Cartoons On Tour (both 1915-Edison); the Gumps in Taking a Ride (c. 1920-fragment, original title unknown); Celebrity Caricatures (date unknown); Charley Out West (1919-Sullivan/Messmer, intertitles unreadable); Life Cartoon Comedy: Auto Race (c. 1926-original title unknown), Hurry the End of the War (1918); T'was But a Dream (1916-IFS)

TS-SCF: Silent Cartoon Frolics
Lots of people think cartoons began with Steamboat Willie (1928). But we know better! Enjoy a classic selection of silent era animation and get familiar with the famous studios, creators, and star characters of the Jazz Age!
Includes: Max Fleischer's Koko Needles the Boss (1927), Koko Kills Time (1927), Koko Smokes (1928), Koko's Reward (1929), and Koko's Hypnotism (1929); Walt Disney's Puss in Boots (1922), Alice Solves the Puzzle (1925, commonly seen edit), and Alice's Orphan (1926); Paul Terry's Aesop's Fables Fox and the Grapes (1922), Amateur Night on the Ark (1923), and Broncho Buster (1928); Mutt and Jeff in Accidents Won't Happen (1925), Soda Jerks (1925), and Ups and Downs (1926); Red Seal Pictures' Animated Hair Cartoon (1926).
Collection compiled by our friend Craig Davison.

TS-22: Stop Motion Madness
Includes: The Enchanted Drawing (1900-Edison), Humorous Phases of Funny Faces (1906-Edison), Morpheus Mike and The Dinosaur and the Missing Link (both 1915-Willis H. O'Brien), Swat the Fly (1916-Hopkins), R. F. D. 10,000 B. C. (1916-Willis H. O'Brien), Adam Raises Cain (1920-Tony Sarg), The First Circus (1921-Tony Sarg)

TSI-01: Stop Motion Matinee
Long before Gumby, long before Gromit came Chip, Duffy, and Wild Willie—the first madcap models in animation history! See the early work of King Kong animator Willis O'Brien. Discover the original clayboys and toy stories. Return with us to a simpler time when furniture walked and bugs were adulterers (wait a minute... simpler?) It's a Stop Motion Matinee!
The Automatic Moving Company (Roméo Bossetti, 1912): Furniture invades a house by itself.
Revenge of the Kinematograph Cameraman (Ladislaw Starewicz, 1912) Animated insects cheat on each other until Mrs. Beetle's moviemaker lover catches Mr. Beetle in the act.
The Dinosaur and the Missing Link (Willis O'Brien, 1917) Theophilus, Duke, and Steve are three cavemen wooing beautiful Araminta Rockface. But they've reckoned without Wild Willie—the missing link and terror of the primeval countryside!
Chip in the Land of Whiz (Kinex, 1929; extended version) Follow Chip the Wooden Man on adventures with the toy world's blocky brontosaurs.
Creation (Willis O'Brien, 1931) O'Brien's unfinished pre-KING KONG project was to have shown a submarine crew's encounter with an island of dangerous dinos. This triceratops test reel is all that came to fruition.
The Mascot (Ladislaw Starewicz, 1933) This legendary extended-length featurette finds cuddly doggie Duffy literally "going through Hell" to cure his sick mistress. You've never seen a party like the Devil's Ball.
A joint venture with Inkwell Images.

Complete Anthology Set $85 (Save $15)


TS-23: Aesop's Sound Fables Vol. 1
Wildly and wacky surreal cartoons from the Van Beuren Studios.
Includes: Skating Hounds (1929), The Jail Breakers (1929), The Night Club (1929), Dixie Days (1930), Western Whoopee (1930), Snow Time (1930), The Old Hokum Bucket (1931), Fisherman's Luck (1931), Play Ball (1931), The Wild Goose Chase (1932), Bring 'Em Back Half-Shot (1932), Venice Vamp (1932), Bugs and Books (1932), Runaway Blackie (1932)

TS-37: Krazytoons
Attention Baby Boomers and obscurity fans! Krazytoons were a series of older cartoons repackaged for ca. 1960 television. Most of the films were retitled and you've probably seen some in their original versions. Half the fun is identifying them correctly! (We're not putting a list up here, but we'll supply one if you inquire privately.)
Includes: Krazy Kat in Slow Poke (Columbia); Aesop's Fables Birds (Van Beuren); An Ill Wind (Iwerks); Molly Moo-Cow in Hunting Season (Van Beuren); Scrappy in Boyhood Daze (Columbia); The Cave Man (Harman-Ising/MGM); Baby Face Mouse in The Butcher (Lantz); Western Whoopie (Lantz); Three Blind Mice (NFBC); Pooch the Pup in Pixie Tricks (Lantz-deteriorated print)

TS-38: Cartoons At Home
See how your ancestors enjoyed cartoons at home before the days of TV—by renting 16mm prints direct from distributors. You may have seen some of these shorts in their original versions; but not these rare alternates, out of use for sixty-plus years! (We're not putting a list of original titles up here, but we'll supply one if you inquire privately.)
Includes: "Kitty Kat" (Felix the Cat) in Fighting Flees (Sullivan/Carnival Films version); Alice and Julius in Alice's Tin Pony (Disney/Novelty Film Co.); Racing Fever (Life Cartoons/Screen Attractions Corp.), Farmer Al Falfa in Tuning In (Van Beuren/unknown home distributor); El Toreador (Disney/unknown); Midnight Frolics (Warner/unknown); Bosko in War Daze (Warner/unknown); Magazine Rack (Warner/unknown); Slight Fantastic (Warner/Screen Attractions Corp.); Bosko in Hey Fever (MGM/Hollywood Film Enterprises)

TS-H: The Tom Stathes Halloween Cartoon Reel
Want to spend All Hallows' Eve with some frightfully old cartoons? The Tom Stathes Halloween Cartoon Reel will raise the hair on your arms! So lock the doors, draw the curtains, grab some holy water, pop in this DVD and relax... if you can!
Includes: Krazy Kat in The Awful Spook (1921-Bray); Felix the Ghost Breaker (1923-Sullivan/Messmer); Alice Comedy: Alice's Mysterious Mystery! (1926-Disney); Koko the Clown in Koko's Haunted House (1928-Fleischer); Aesop's Fables: The Haunted Ship (1930-Van Beuren); Tom and Jerry in Wot a Night (1931-Van Beuren); Willie Whopper in Hell's Fire (1934-Iwerks, print retitled Vulcan Entertains); George Pal Puppetoon: Jasper's Haunted House (1942); The Friendly Ghost (1945-Famous). Bonus! Christie Comedy: Jimmie Adams in Goofy Ghosts (1928)

TS-W: Tom Stathes' Winter Cartoon Rarities
Featuring brand new, 'cool' and 'crisp' transfers from Tom's own 16mm film print library.
Includes: Alice Comedy: Alice's Orphan (1925-Disney); Farmer Al Falfa in When the Snow Flies (1927-Van Beuren) and Skating Hounds (1929-Van Beuren); Waffles and Don in Frozen Frolics (1930-Van Beuren); Aesop's Fables Snow Time (1930); Krazy Kat in Snow Time (1932-Columbia; Krazytoons print retitled Alaska Daze); The Snowman (1933-Ted Eshbaugh; a truly obscure cult classic); South Pole or Bust (1934-Terrytoons); Frosty the Snowman (1954-UPA); Little Snow Flake (1958-Sterling TV). Bonus! Tiffany Color Symphony: The Toy Shop (1928-early Technicolor short)

Complete Sound/Silent Anthologies Set $85 (Save $15)


These collections feature Eastern European cartoons which were edited, retitled, and repackaged with new English soundtracks for American TV in the 1960s. Here's a rare chance to see what was coming out of Europe during the Cold War. Packaged by Fima Noveck for Flamingo Telefilm, these titles are well-remembered by youth of the 1960s and 1970s. Warning: most prints are discolored (Eastman red syndrome), but it shouldn't affect your enjoyment much; most were broadcast in black and white!

TS-44: Flamingo Cartoons Vol. 1
Includes: Hole in the Sky, Wooden Boy, War of Colors, Gone With the Goose, One Sunny Day, Beggar's Treasure, Woody in Toyland, Detective's Nightmare, Millie the Kid, and Monkey and the Atom.

TS-45: Flamingo Cartoons Vol. 2
Includes: Wolf Trap, Bullies in a Toy Shop, The Rescue, The Party, The Lion and the Gazelle, And So On, Animal School, Tiger Trouble, Barefoot King, and Magic Mirror.

Complete Flamingo Set $30 (Save $10)